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Stranger girl coming soon


This is a teaser for the upcoming video series Stranger Girl, written collectively by a group of writers scattered around Southern California.  In production now, Stranger GIrl includs a wealth of Fullerton talent.  -- Baxter


Crawling on the floor she finally found it. Buried in the pile of clothes by the bed was his wallet.  Slightly damp, its frayed edges betrayed his claims of financial security.  It was overused and overstuffed with lottery tickets and Discover cards. Corners of dollar bills poked out the sides.

When she found it she heard a gasp; he moved.  She held still until she was sure he was still asleep. Between breaths she opened his wallet, careful not to make a sound.  And there it was, his driver’s license. On it was what she needed to find: his name. 

Alek James Hidell. 

She took a long look, barely able to make it out amid the shadows that still hung throughout the room even as dawn approached outside. Laying there on the floor, she held it close to her face and studied it closely. Alek James Hidell, 254 West 11th Street, Claremont, California, 91711. His photo on the license radiated the same crooked little grin that caught her eye the first time she saw him, that almost-smile that seemed both reassuring and pleasantly sleazy all at once. 

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