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Wisdom & Opinion

  • Can a joke really be offensive?

    This is something I battle all the time.  When the mere mention of a subject is deemed offensive rather than its purpose to advance a discussion.  As a journalist I am often asked “how can you ask such a thing,” and as a teacher there are some mentions not to be made for fear of being misunderstood. Read this and let me know what you think.Davis.   Read More

  • Fireworks need to end

    This Fourth of July was brutal in our neighborhood. This Fourth of July has been punctuated by explosions and fear in our neighborhood. Fireworks set off on July second and third fill the air with tension and smoke. It is annoying and sometimes downright scary. The sounds are so similar to gunshots we can’t tell the difference.   Read More

  • The City Council’s Vote On District Elections

    A  NEWS  COMMENTARY: by Gerald J.Brown --
    In voting unanimously for a map creating five councilmanic districts that each contain a portion of the downtown business area, Fullerton City Council members cited the importance of Downtown as a commercial hub and a sort of inspirational font for families. The council members tossed aside the year’s work of their hired demographer, David Ely, who has been meeting for months with community members in an effort to design a voting-district map that will satisfy the requirements of the California Voting Rights Act. It has been designated Map 2B.
    You may remember that a year or so ago Fullerton agreed to settle two lawsuits in which the city was accused of violating terms of the CVRA because our “at-large” method of electing City Council members in effect made it nearly impossible for any of our Latino or Korean citizens to get elected.   Read More

  • Don't Like District Elections? Here's another idea you might not like:

    Consider this: Volunteers can stop volunteering anytime and they cannot be held accountable because they serve only on their own terms.People who are paid are required to perform duties required to earn the income.   Read More

  • photography and life's lessons

    Mom and dad were both journalists in the 1960s Los Angeles and later. They fit the mold of the stereotype: hard to get along with, heavy drinkers and absolute jerks of intolerance for anything not true or accurate.   Read More

  • Stranger girl coming soon

    Crawling on the floor she finally found it. Buried in the pile of clothes by the bed was his wallet. Slightly damp, its frayed edges betrayed his claims of financial security. It was overused and overstuffed with lottery tickets and Discover cards. Corners of dollar bills poked out the sides.   Read More

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