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Fullerton Stories is not an expensive site to run, but publishing quality content is.

These are our monthly hard costs:
• Platform: $50
• Internal ISP: $25 (percentage of overall account)
• Time and effort: priceless

These are the rates we paid contributors when we had money:
​• Major news story - $75 to $150
• Light features and profiles - $45 to $100
• Briefs and blurbs: $25 - $50
• Photos and videos: $35 to $100
• Crime Log, New Business Log and other features vary because they are extremely time consuming. Finding someone to do them well requires a decent paycheck. 

We’d like to publish more of these but need money to do it. Lord knows pour world needs accurate journalism now more than ever. Our collective of experienced editors are traditionally trained in truthful, probing, insightful and honest journalism. 

We’ve never been in it for the clicks, but having a lot of them sure helps. In our heyday we averaged around 10,000 each month. Our biggest day ever was 140,000.  Sadly, that was because we were the first publication to publish the Kelly Thomas / Fullerton police video. 

You might notice there are no adjectives connected with my description of the video. It’s not our job to tell you how to feel about it. People were able to watch it and make up their own minds about it. We always try to present happens, not what might happen. Until it does, it’s not fact. 

We do not allow anonymous postings or comments.  If an author or writer won’t put their name on a story, we won’t either. 

Finally, Fullerton Stories and LocalStories.US is about telling the stories of the people, places and events that make up our lives. If we can right a wrong, we will.  If praise should be given, we will. When legacies need to be shared, we will share.

Here is how you can support Fullerton Stories and LocalStories.US:

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• Tell us what you like and what you don’t like. If no one likes us we’ll go away, no problem. But if you do, we’d love the encouragement. It’s not easy doing this on a regular or even occasional basis. We really appreciate hearing from you. 

Fullerton Stories is not a non-profit. In fact, we’d love to make money. But we need to provide quality content first, and that costs money we don’t have. Sure, we can accept free material, but when we do there is no accountability required of the contributor. We insist on paying contributors so that we can demand the standards we think are necessary to do a good job.  Anything short of that isn’t worth anyone’s time. 

Please take a moment to contribute. 

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