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City watering scheduled adjusted

From the Fullerton Public Information Office --

A winter watering schedule was approved by the City Council December 15, , limiting outdoor watering of lawn and other turf areas to one day per week, effective immediately through April 30, 2016, as additional measures of the third phase of Fullerton’s drought response plan.

The new schedule permits watering before 8 a.m. and after 4 p.m. for even addresses on Saturdays, and odd addresses on Sundays. There is no watering on Monday through Friday. Watering duration is limited to no more than five minutes per station for non-conserving sprinkler nozzles, and no more than fifteen minutes per cycle for up to two cycles per station for high efficiency sprinkler nozzles. Drip lines and hand watering of plants and trees are encouraged during the early mornings and evenings.

“Since we are entering our wet season and expecting heavy rains, it’s imperative that we continue to cut back excess use of water,” explained Dave Schickling, Fullerton’s Water System Manager. “Since most landscapes require less supplemental irrigation during winter months this is a great opportunity for Fullerton residents to do their part. Although we have reached a total savings of 23 percent to date, we have not yet achieved our 28 percent mandated goal by the state.  As a community, we need to continue working together towards our target goal in February and continue monitoring our use,” said Schickling.

“Many residents have cut back significantly in their water usage, and the City of Fullerton wants to celebrate their efforts and share their water saving tips as Fullerton’s ‘Water-Saving Heroes’. We want to highlight the stories of those citizens who have made significant strides in their water conservation habits--landscaping updates, hardware replacement, and even simple habit changes,” continued Schickling. “These Fullerton residents are making a valiant effort to conserve this resource and deserve recognition.” Interested individuals may contact Phuong Nguyen at (714) 738-2835 for further information about the Water-Saving Heroes Recognition Program.​

For more information regarding Fullerton’s drought response plan, updates on outdoor watering restrictions, and an application for the Water-Saving Heroes Recognition Program, please visit

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