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  • Wednesday Art classes at Museum Center

    Art and history will unite for a series of creative classes at the Fullerton Museum Center’s popular Wednesday Art Studio for children in first through sixth grade. Participants will be able to explore the ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece, China, Medieval Europe, and more, through drawing, painting, oil pastels, metalworking, clay, papier mache, and fused glass.   Read More

  • Muckenthaler 50th Anniversary event December 3

    Our 50th Anniversary exhibition presents both a history of the many and varied exhibitions, featuring catalogues, posters, and other documents, as well as actual artwork from some of the shows.   Read More

  • Fullerton College Photo Assignment

    Find online four different portfolio styles used by professional photographers.  They should include examples of print, online, tablet and other platforms.Then select one of the formats and make a list of which of your images you will place where, and how the sequence works to provide a glimpse of your personal vision and style. .   Read More

  • Gallery

      ​The subject of this assignment will be a single issue, story, person or group.  It may be a serious topic like homelessness, or a lightweight fluff story like a day in the life of a custodian.   Read More

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